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The Problem is the Student Parent — not the Teacher, School, or Administrator


I’m not disagreeing with Victor Davis Hanson so much as fine-tuning a valid observation.

It is not government’s responsibility to educate and to feed our children.  These are our G-d given duties and liberties as parents. Here’s what you tell your liberal/progressive friends:

Want failure?  It’s simple – abdicate your freedoms and responsibilities to the State.  Let the government school feed them and teach them everything they know.  When they turn out to be illiterate dolts, please recall McLuhan’s Law:  The medium is the message.  Good luck.

Want success? It ain’t easy, and there never are any guarantees. Take an interest in what they learn.  Push the homework.  Teach them about nutrition and self-care.  Get involved in their education at home and on the PTO.  Teach your kid that she is ultimately responsible for her education and that she is not to let school stand in the way of it.  Trust in her… She’ll ‘get it’ quickly enough.  Success is never a sure thing, but it sure beats the alternatives, yeh?

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  1. 2010/12/20 08:57

    Why would anyone have a greater interest in your child’s well-being than you? And yet it seems that parents all across our nation happily send their kids off to be indoctrinated by strangers, without taking the slightest bit of initiative to see what those strangers are teaching them. (If anything.)

    I don’t imagine everyone has the ability to homeschool as we do, but everyone can at least monitor what their kids are being presented with in school. It’s the most basic level of responsibility.

  2. 2010/12/20 08:58

    And welcome back, by the way, Ran.

  3. 2010/12/20 15:59

    Hey Steven! Thanks.

    I ought to have added that there’s not a whole lot of difference between public and private schooling beyond the snob factor. Content, content, content. Surely, charter schools and private schools create teacher incentives to perform better, but so what? When they’re teaching the likes of global warming, sexual libertinism and that the United States Constitution establishes a racist democracy, does better performance become an asset?

    Blighted public schools teach garbage whereas elite private schools promote gharbazh, but let not the “elite” kids get too smug.

    Your kids are the truly fortunate.

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