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Back. What an adventure.


We returned late last night in the wee hours from CT.  It was great to return to civilization.  (More like an escape from the bar scene in Star Wars.)

There’s a bridge about a hundred or so miles from home… has a serious concrete crack at one of the expansion joints.  WHAM-WHAM!! I learned something about rubber and aluminum alloys.  Yeah, well, smacking that brutal pothole at 55 pounded the front tire against the rim, hard.  Instead of a nice stiff steel rim letting the hard concrete slice the tire sidewall to shreds, the rim strained into a gentle reverse-curve.  Now, I think our guardian angel was an engineer.  Sure, air escaped the tire… but the tire bead shrank down and re-attached itself against the rim at about 15 psi.  That was just enough pressure to permit us to crawl the car up to a nearby Sunoco.

So… I pulled the rear wheel and swapped-in the tiny spare, then pulled the front and swapped in the real tire. Hobbled home at a moderate pace. The bent front wheel is beyond repair. I still haven’t checked the former rear-wheel. At the cost of the new aluminum rim now on order, I’m not that brave.

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  1. 2010/12/31 16:22

    Well, that was an adventure, Ran. Glad you made it through safely. I’ve noticed that several bloggers spent some portion of the holidays in Connecticut.

  2. 2010/12/31 16:42

    Thanks Maggie!

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