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How about a little Cainsian Economics?


‘Run, Herman, Run!’

By Robert Stacy McCain on 12.27.10 @ 6:08AM

Herman Cain laughs at being described as “Steve Forbes with charisma,” but finds the comparison flattering. “That’s quite a compliment.… I have the greatest amount of respect for him.”

I’m with Stacy… ‘Run, Herman, Run!’

There’s a crowd forming on the Right.

There’s a line from Jim Quinn at The War Room:  “It’s open season on moonbats.  No limit!”

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  1. 2010/12/29 10:00

    Sign me up.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2010/12/31 02:10

    I like Herman Cain, but I don’t get all the excitement about him. I’m left to assume it’s a racial thing. He’s a bright guy, but geez. If you want to get a feel for how a presidential run would sound, just check him out on the radio. If you think Sarah Palin has a Gomer Pyle problem, Cain has it times 3. As a guy from south Georgia, I can hear through diction. Thing is, I’m not the electorate at large.
    The only reason the pathetic waif Brakabama was called a mastermind by so many was because he sorta looked like a black guy but didn’t sound to them like Uncle Remus when he spoke. In our current, bigoted national state of consciousness, that implied unparalleled genius.
    People aren’t going to hear through Herman Cain’s diction; and he’s not some whore who will change the way he speaks for the sake of winning approval.

    As a candidate, he’s about as lousy as it gets…and he’s got my vote if he winds up on the ballot. hehe

  3. Tired in Texas permalink
    2011/06/11 02:40

    I love, Herman Cain his history is no secret. The stories he tells about him family shows he’s Real. Maybe this scares Lot of you but, before you spit out garbage Listen to him. This is the man and Tea Party’s like him as well. He has a plan he has been in politics early in life. He is more honest with out marks against him. Obama is so scared of Palin how does he not know that Herman is here and I’ll help make him strong. People this is the Real President and I am not ashamed of him. He is All American, he won’t sell us out to the U N Like Obama and Clinton. Our country is in shambles because, Obama. Herman Cain can help us get jobs because he wants America to grow. Obama wants us to fail and be one World Order.

  4. e.upson permalink
    2011/07/17 20:44

    I think his diction is great. We definitely need him on the ticket either as president or vice president.

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