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What does one blog when under the weather?


Why, send you to Maggie’s place.  Of course.

Democrats Want No Part of Paul Ryan’s Mandatory Spending Ceiling

There’s always some entertaining troll thumping going-on over at

Libertarian Republican


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  1. 2010/12/31 16:14

    Ran, so so sorry to hear you are under the weather. Have you tried noodle soup:-) Thanks so much for the sending your fine readers my way.

    I really like Herman Cain.

  2. 2010/12/31 16:37

    Thanks Maggie! Yes on the noodle soup, too.

    I learned of Cain through Neal Boortz. I have tremendous respect for both. Cain comes to the race via the private sector with a tremendous amount of real-world economic experience and skill. Better, he digs the libertarian-conservative appreciation of G-d given natural rights and the sanctity of life and private property. Better still, he can communicate what he believes and he can lead.

    I would say the same for Mitt… IFFFFF Mitt does a full-blown mea-culpa on RomneyCare. Of the issues and skills-set that matter to me at this time, they are best packaged in Herman Cain.

    I don’t know if he can win the nomination. I will make every effort to that end. But surely his hat in the ring will trigger many vital conversations and should he win, he will help us unwind much of the damage of the last half century.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2011/01/01 01:28

    He can’t mea culpa the Mass. healthcare thing because he’s been on record defending it for too long. It’s a catch 22. He’s checkmated by it. Kinda sucks. He shoulda been backing away from it a long time ago.

  4. Caree permalink
    2011/01/01 02:13

    I”m in Iowa the 1st caucus state and I’m all for Herman Cain for President. You can help us by blogging all about him. Get ahold of me please.


  5. 2011/01/01 06:12

    Ran, I hope you are feeling better this New Years Eve. You’re not blogging so I fear you are not. I’m still really put-out at Boortz for urging his listeners to vote Democrat in the last Bush mid-terms. He droned on about it for weeks. Someone voted Democrat, so I blame him.

    Love Herman Cain.

    Happy New Year Ran to you and yours. I wish you every good thing in 2011, including a quick recovery.

  6. 2011/01/01 08:56


    Happy New Year, and I hope you feel better soon.

  7. 2011/01/02 03:21

    Chuck, I really wanted to like Mitt. I don’t. I’m very much concerned that the same machine complete with it’s moderate leftist influences will see to it that real conservatives don’t stand a chance.

    Caree, Thanks for the links! We shall use them…

    Maggie, Thanks. Sorry to hear about Boortz. As a self-described Libertarian, where’s the upside to endorsing statists? I’m glad I missed that.

    Steven, Great hearing from you. Much better today. Thanks.

  8. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/01/02 22:22

    -Glad [not GLAAD] to hear that you’re recovering.

    -As for Mitt: he is shameless [and a wimp] qualities I’ve seen first-hand up here in New England, so get ready to see me shamelessly doing everything in my power to see that he does not get the nomination.

  9. 2011/01/03 01:07

    Hey Bob. Yeah. I remain open to a superior candidate to Herman… but right now, he tops my list. Sarah had that post until I heard that Cain was seriously considering. If He and She shared a ticket…

    On the other hand, there are some potentially solid candidates in the wings yet to come forward. This isn’t a re-run of ’07. And NO, I don’t want any of ’07’s re-runs.

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