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Liberal BS about ‘Death Panels’…


‘Death Panel’?

‘Death Panel’ is a moniker for the government’s intrusion into patient and family responsibilities to work with health care providers to make on-going care and life-and-death decisions – at taxpayer expense and with the force of Government. It refers to governmental bureaucratic decisions made on behalf of the patient beyond the control of the patient and family.  They exist already.  Mr. Berwick has just put them on steroids.

‘Death Panel’ is not purely the simplistic ‘life and death’ committee that summarily dictates which patient lives and dies – a phantom that the New York Times and their brethren pretended Conservatives and Libertarians had objected to.  (This ugly beast is a creation of Progressive minds such as George Bernard Shaw – complete with “humane” gas accompanying beautiful music.)

Liberals & Statists completely miss the point: The ‘Death Panel’ provision was taken out of ObamaCare legislation. That it has been reinstated via regulation where it had been specifically denied by the legislative process is gross over-reach of the most tyrannical sort. There is no excuse for this regulatory jack-boot. It may not conflict with the written legislation but it does specifically conflict with the expressed Will of the People.

The point made to sell ObamaCare is universal coverage – that no-one should be “unfairly” denied access to other peoples’ money to solve their personal health issues. The simple but brutal fact is that no system – private or public – is or ever has been capable of universal “fairness”. It is a fact of economic reality.  A subsequence of government ‘care’ is that someone in the government makes decisions about treatment and coverage on behalf of the patient and the provider.

Mark Steyn, years ago, clarified the simple fact that government force, used to administer health care, changes the relationship between the citizen and the government to a relationship between the government and the subject; that it makes serfs of doctors, healthcare workers and patients. Steyn is absolutely right.  It is a Power game.

. . .

Berwick’s inclusion of the “discussion” language is an admission that universality is impossible. It’s a classically hideous example of an action that is simultaneously repugnant from a legislative & regulatory viewpoint AND an admission that the premise of the underlying legislation is false.

The legislation is a vampire and it must be slain – completely slain.

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  1. 2011/01/04 19:26

    Hear, Hear…! They are death panels and they must be slain.

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