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Invite your wife out on a date…


to see a film about courage in leadership.

“The King’s Speech” is, as advertised, a riveting view, even for those who might have no special interest in the history so vividly described in this new film. King George VI always has been one of the 20th century’s most uplifting examples of rising to the task. He was thoroughly overshadowed by his glamorous brother David, King Edward VIII; and his natural shyness was intensified by a paralyzing stammer. He actively wished not to be king, and would have gotten his wish had David’s liaison with an allegedly (according to Scotland Yard) promiscuous divorcée not raised issues about his suitability for the throne.

Lord Black’s enviable knowledge of history completes missing detail and corrects minor errors of the story’s telling. He claims that “the acting, script, and photography in [Colin Firth’s] “The King’s Speech” all were superb.”

So, love, feel like a night out and a film?

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