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“Islam is about the law [Sharia], not about personal interpretation.”


Reading Sun Tzu, one is struck often by the words between the lines: “A warrior must deal with what is.” One such warrior is Steven Givler.

The other day I got a great comment from a good friend of mine, nicely taking me to task for my last post, in which I criticize Dr. Qanta Ahmed for her most recent misrepresentation of Islam. Bill reminded me that people have many different interpretations of Islam, and that some of those interpretations allow Muslims to live peacefully under un-Islamic systems of law. The point that needs to be stressed though, is that while I agree that there are uncountable numbers of personal interpretations of just about everything (that is human nature, after all) Islam is primarily a matter of laws, and as it is the goal of a great many people to subject us to those laws, it is in our interest to know exactly what they are. It’s for that reason that I read Islamic law – so that no-one, well intentioned as I believe Dr. Ahmed is, or not, as I believe CAIR and similar organizations are, can deceive me. Here is my reply to Bill on this subject:

The point being, that the old-line traditional teachings are those adopted by the mainstream that are gathering the money, the weapons and funding the madrassas for future conquest. It matters little concerning Dr. Ahmed’s personal beliefs. What matters is the belief system of the enemy, and the enemy’s beliefs are entirely incompatible with Western theological, philosophical, legal or political traditions. Granted, there are western-tolerant forces within greater Islam that wish to reform and to modernize, but they have yet to win any battles or claim any numbers of adherents. Dr. Ahmet, for all her accumen and influence, represents only a tiny minority. Until moderns such as she represent the majority power within Islam, the West must honestly and objectively face what is.

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  1. 2011/01/10 11:13

    As always, thanks for the link and the kind words, Ran.

    By the way, I ordered the book on color that you suggested, and I’m looking forward to its arrival.

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