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Herman Cain: ‘A Good Solid Conservative Who Can Get the Base Excited’




Go Herman Go!!

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  1. 2011/01/16 04:47

    I like Herman Cain – a lot. I’m so glad he is seriously considering a run. What a change from the GOP fossils we always endure during those dastardly debates.

  2. 2011/01/16 04:58

    Hey Liberty Belle! Thanks.

  3. ccoffer permalink
    2011/01/16 18:55

    I’d love to see a debate between Brakabama and Herman Cain. I wonder if he’s remind folks that unlike Brakabama, he didn’t have to go out and find people to teach him how to be a black guy when he became an adult. hoho

  4. 2011/01/16 23:14

    He also doesn’t need a teleprompter to make him sound like a red-white-and-blue American. He’s the real deal.

    : )

  5. 2011/01/19 03:55

    Couple of things I don’t like about Cain. He was in favor of the TARP bailout and he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the Federal Reserve. He thinks independent auditing of the Fed isn’t necessary. I think it is, since it’s an organization for bankers run by bankers. Herman Cain was once on the board of governors of the FED, so that makes him suspect to me.

    Something to think about.


  6. 2011/01/19 06:31

    I have softened some on TARP, especially after remembering my own Senator Inhofe (who did not vote for TARP) say that Congress was told we would have martial law in the U.S. and our economy would collapse without it.

    As I was looking at candidates for mid-terms, I wouldn’t have had much of anyone to vote for if TARP eliminated them. If the candidate is conservative now, I think they understand they did this one-time thing, and have learned their hard lesson. Everyone I was looking at said it was so unusual at the time. That they were given no time to research.

    However, the FED-thing? That bothers me. We definitely need some/more insight into the Federal Reserve.

    Both TARP and the FEDS – one and the same, I think.

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