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Smitty Strikes: Pawlenty deserves a look.


“Yes, even if Stacy’s cousin, Senator IFNAG RINO-Tool Deluxe decides to waste our time again, we need to remember when dissent is useful, and when it is not.”

Chris Smith reports in from the Front. Suggests that former Governor Tim Pawlenty is worth a look.

I must add that we, as Americans, are looking elsewhere than our political leaders to “save” the Republic. Some of us want no rock-star, no charismatic wunderkind… Just a leader and a Congress that will get government the Hell off our backs. “Getting something done” today means shrinking the size, regulatory power and expense of Government at all levels, especially Federal. Maybe Tim is the guy who can lead the effort, or at least support the efforts of Congress.

One more thing: I want a CINC that our enemies will genuinely fear. Reagan’s charisma had that dark side, that “make my day” side. I saw it in Senator Fred. I see it in Herman Cain. I do NOT – (ahem) – NOT see it in Romney. Does Tim have it?

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