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Moscow Airport Explosion: What killed all those people?


Via Drudge:
Cameras catch moment of explosion...

Question: This killed 35 people and injured a hundred?  It was ‘slow,’ relatively low temperature and smallish extent.  The frames following this moment show maybe a dozen down and just about everyone else running; certainly not 35 down and 100 wounded.

The scene bears little resemblance to sprawling death of the post-explosion photos shown here.

There’s something about this I don’t understand. Did more people collapse later? Were there other simultaneous bombs? Was this a toxic-spread device?

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  1. 2011/01/25 22:18

    I think we’re seeing only light reflected off walls, as the explosion itself was around that corner in the baggage area itself. The few seconds of video I saw seemed to indicate that. What I couldn’t understand from the short video I saw was what appeared to be the complete disregard people showed for the dead and wounded who were lying on the floor.

    • 2011/01/26 01:26

      Reflections: seems to answer.

      This aloofness bothered me too. No-one seemed to be checking or doing triage or first-aid… it was like a day at the dump. I just don’t get it.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2011/01/25 23:13

    What killed all those people?


  3. 2011/01/26 04:12

    Very strange how people were treated. They were obviously blown quite a way from the blast, or they were moved, but if they were moved surely they wouldn’t be scattered about randomly, as we saw in the video. Puzzling.

  4. 2011/01/26 06:06

    ccoffer – that’s the bottom line.

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