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Algore says it’s because of “global warming.”


The future of Global Warmmonging...

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  1. 2011/02/02 15:23

    Al Gore – the man, the caricature.

    • 2011/02/02 16:10

      It’s the Kreb’s Cycle.

      I earned an honors B.Sc. in Geology & Physics – back in ’81. First thing they told us in first-year stratigraphy was that the crust’s rocks were story-tellers: Much to learn in them if we’d just look closely. The story was this: The Earth’s atmospheric composition and climate are permanently unstable. There is not now (nor is there any geological record of) extended “climatic stability” to be found. Anywhere. Any time.

  2. 2011/02/04 23:15

    The brilliant Al Gore: Too smart to finish divinity school, too smart to finish law school.

    Primo Azzwipe! Watch out Tucks!

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