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“Baghdad Bob” Gibbs: ‘Now means yesterday’ for Mubarak


Via Stacy McCain:

By Rachel Rose Hartman
In today’s press briefing, the White House underscored President Obama’s call for Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak to immediately begin his transition out of power.

Last night, Obama issued a brief public statement that included just one line about a prospective deadline for Mubarak’s exit from power: “My belief is that an orderly transition must be meaningful, must be peaceful and it must begin now,” Obama said.

But White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was more explicit Wednesday.

'Now' means 'yesterday'

“‘Now’ means ‘yesterday,'” Gibbs explained. “When we said ‘now,’ we meant ‘yesterday’… that’s what the people of Egypt want to see,” Gibbs said, adding that a process that begins one week, one month, or many months from now won’t suffice.

How’s this for blunt: Deliberately or no, this Administration is leaving a foreign-policy minefield for the next and it is endangering America’s long-term better interests abroad. These are not the missteps of “a naive parvenu who’s gotten in over his head,” but rather the actions of a reckless ponce who’s only genuine skill is “community organizing.” Where was our president in 2009 during the Iranian Green revolt? (Busy raping GM and Chrysler, if memory serves.)

For the record, I’d suspected Mubarack from the moment Secretary Haig pronounced him “groomed for the position” by Saddat three decades past.  Tyrants are never Plan ‘A’.  Yet egging-on fundamentalist mohammedan tyrants armed with modern American weapons aimed at American interests and allies doesn’t even rate Plan ‘D’ – it’s akin to sedition. For this Administration’s sake – and for the sake of our strategic interests and alliances – the situation in UAR had better resolve stably.

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