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Charles Krauthammer: Uninformed, lazy and in error.


UPDATE: More concerning “extremist” nut-jobs and “conspiracy” theories.  Heh.  Thanks Stacy!!
Geert Wilders is not “extreme, radical and wrong.” If only it were so.

“…What he says is extreme, radical, and wrong. He basically is arguing that Islam is the same as Islamism. Islamism is an ideology of a small minority which holds that the essence of Islam is jihad, conquest, forcing people into accepting a certain very narrow interpretation [of Islam].
This is an artificial distinction imposed by non-Muslims like Charles Krauthammer onto the Islamic world; it is not a distinction that is generally made by Muslims themselves, at least outside the U.S. and Western Europe — or if it is, it is made in a different way.” – Charles Krauthammer.

Extreme, Radical - Yes... and Correct.

Islam is Sharia is Islamism.

If Allah revealed himself to Mohammed in stages, why would the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other Muslim, for that matter, not follow the same pattern, revealing only those components of Islam considered most palatable? To do otherwise would be to fail to emulate their own prophet. For this reason, most Westerners’ understanding of Islam is constricted to a very limited amount, most of which is designed to make Islam seem familiar and comfortable.

Charles Krauthammer gets two out of three right (sort-of) though Charles ought to know better as a highly articulate and intelligent investigator. It’s not even as if the sources for Wilder’s views are abstruse or difficult to find. Islamists’ intentions are spoken bluntly and right out in the open.  Unlike their useful idiots on the Progressive Left, mohammedans are refreshingly open and honest.

Playing for keeps.

There is a hyper-macho game of “Keeps!” being played-out on the world stage.  I don’t really care which sandbox Krauthammer plays in – he’d best extricate his head to the upper surface and take a look about.  Wilders is extreme, yes – surrounded by blind wishy-washy’s all around him.  He’s radical, too – asking these effeminate poseurs to behave like Men.  Unfortunately, Wilders is also correct.

Tip o’ the kippah to Maggie, Eric and Steven.

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  1. Lofo permalink
    2011/02/07 18:43

    Geert Wilders is absolutely an extremist and bigot, regardless of what Ran thinks. He will ban Islam from his country if he had his way, and strip all Muslims of their citizenship. This is how he will “fight to save western civilization”, and Pam Geller will cheer him on every step of the way.

    • 2011/02/07 20:41

      Welcome readers to the wonderful world of lofo! Makes quite the splash at Libertarian Republican by dodging the main topic in favor of whatever it is that gets his goat. (cough)

      Geert Wilders is absolutely an extremist and bigot, regardless of what Ran thinks.
      I think he’s an extremist. (Said so above.) I also believe that extremism in defense if Liberty is a virtue.

      As for Wilders as a bigot, per se, “[n] a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own” – that claim isn’t valid. Wilders is indeed intolerant of the ideology that justified the murder of Theo Van Gogh. Very different things.

      [Wilders] will ban Islam from his country if he had his way, and strip all Muslims of their citizenship.
      Personally, I hope lofo is correct as far as islamists are concerned. Muslims who want to be Dutch and fit into Dutch society and enrich it thereby are welcome. Wilders has said so openly. There are, however, dominant factors in the community of Dutch muslims who are rabidly intolerant of the Dutch society around them. Five decades of classical Dutch openness and toleration has been treated as a weakness to be plundered.

      This is how he will “fight to save western civilization”, and Pam Geller will cheer him on every step of the way.” As will I, too. This is how it’s done. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t polite, and it ain’t fucking optional. Stand up or die like Theo Van Gogh or Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl or Noor Almaleki.

      This is where I come down heavy of Krauthammer: His defenses of conservative and libertarian values only go so far. Like lofo, Charles is quick to attack those who point out the evil of those who threaten Western Civilization. It’s an effete coward’s game.

      By the way, dear readers, lofo constantly reminds visitors at LR that he is a “staunch pro-defense libertarian” – mostly because his comments demonstrate otherwise. Never said a damned thing in defense of Noor. (In lofo’s twisted logic, this young American muslim girl must’a had. it. comin’?) Naw… lofo libels Pam Geller instead! Why? Because he’ll staunchly defend America! (From what, one is left wondering. Perhaps lofo will one day enlighten us.)

      Reminds me… there’s a picture somewhere by Édouard-Henri Avril. Must be around here, somewhere. Later.

  2. 2011/02/07 20:44


    You would hate him for saving you, but hopefully he’ll do it anyway.

    Islam is a legal system that is incompatible with all others. Islam demands Muslims subject themselves only to Shariah law. Since Allah is the only law-giver, it is blasphemy to bow to laws devised by men.

    I know you think this is a question of religious freedom, but you are mistaken. The Arabic word that we translate to mean “religion” actually means a great deal more than that in Arabic. The word “DIN” more correctly translates as legal indebtedness and lawful obligation. We have no direct translation in English, so we settle for the word “religion.” This has helped perpetuate a misunderstanding about what Islam is.

    It is first and foremost a legal system that binds its subjects to obedience in every imaginable facet of their existence. Literally. Mohammed said that his community would never be left without instruction, and that means that Muslims believe there must be a rule for every situation. Thus, Shariah carries with it a rule for everything from how to use the toilet to how much more your son must inherit from you than your daughter. All is a matter of law, none is a matter of conscience.

    That is what Islam is, and it does not – as a matter of law – allow itself to coexist with other systems. Its primary mission is to achieve supremacy because to do otherwise is to deny the supremacy of Allah.

    Saying this does not make me a bigot. It makes me a scholar. I’ve spoken Arabic, traveled, lived in, worked in, and studied the Middle East for more than two decades now, but it wasn’t until I started reading Islamic law that I had the authority to say what I’ve told you above. None of what I’ve said is a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of law. You can read it for yourself in a translation that is certified as authentic and accurate by the Imam of al – Azhar University. I urge you to find a copy of ” Reliance of the Traveller, a Manual of Sacred Islamic Law.”

  3. 2011/02/07 23:33

    Geert Wilders can’t believe a word Muslims inside his country tell him. Lying is part of Muhammed’s plan. If the thought is that most of the Koran is “peaceful,” that is false because Muhammed, himself, overrode those suras calling for letting infidels along, treating them well, etc. There are only two ways to live with infidels, no matter what country a Muslim is living in; one is to tax them for the money to go toward spreading Islam worldwide and the second is to kill them.

    While it is true that most Muslims are never trying to apply one or two, it is also true that if their Imam tells them to, they will – eventually they will, because not to do so mean death for them.

    The Netherlands has been approached by a non-Muslim, in the government, to allow Shariah Law and says it can be constitutional. If that is not worth fighting, I don’t know what is.

    The thing about Wilders is that everything – EVERYTHING – is backed up by the Koran, Sharia or past events.

    Remember that Muhammed was a violent, violent man. He participated in battle after battle and mercilessly murdered – beheaded, emboweled – you name it.

    How stupid do we, and amazingly Krauthammer, have to be to deny what they tell us? Forget the sweet little Muslim couple on your corner. They quiver in fear as well. They don’t know when the call will come, but they can be fairly sure it will. And their first option is NEVER giving up Islam.

    Ran, Krauthammer is not spiritual at all. He is anti-abortion and G-d does not exist for him. It takes that kind of soul to ignore an evil with an ancient, well-documented history.

    Thanks for the link. I’m linking back.

    • 2011/02/08 00:38

      Thanks Liberty Belle!
      I’ve found that those who eschew the “irrational” notion of a Creator usually default to the denial of Natural Rights. Then again, there’s the notion that a xenophobic power-hungry illiterate poedophile can be labelled a “prophet”… it does little to advance the idea that Faith can be rational. Rock, meet Hard-place.

  4. 2011/02/08 00:54

    “…there’s the notion that a xenophobic power-hungry illiterate poedophile can be labelled a “prophet”


  5. 2011/02/08 04:01

    On more thing, America Alone is outstanding, and Robert Spencer’s Politically Correct Guide to Islam is excellent as well.

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