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Yeah, and I’ll bet Al Gore regrets having invented the internet


InstaScandal!  Chris Lee (R-Stupid) takes a walk on the wild side… and then a hike.

The Internet not only makes it easier for cheaters to cheat, it makes it easier for cheaters to get caught, and the rapidity with which the damning evidence becomes public tends to accelerate the resignation. – Stacy McCain

"I... I think I have a fever."

Release my second chakra.” – Albert Gore Jr.

Man, can Stacy find ’em, or what?

Yeah – and trust Maggie to have juicy pix.

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  1. 2011/02/10 05:35

    I’d like to know why this jerk ducked out before a special election. Speaking of stupid. We have a majority, but it’s not that major. He should have sat in his office and filed dutifully out to vote until there is a replacement for him.

    It will be at least two months, at least, before there is a replacement, and that’s only if Cuomo calls for it now. Idiots!

    Ran, thanks for the link:-)

  2. 2011/02/11 16:57

    Not that I’m defending the party, cause I’m not, but Lee’s stupidity is truly in a class of its own. Plainly a candidate for immediate admission to the League of Morons

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