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Arizona Libertarian Party official switches to Republican: Cites differences over Foreign Policy


Scoop! Libertarian Republican reports that Mike Renzulli has switched to become a Republican.

Via DrudgeRon Paul wins the Straw Poll.

Our take: RINOs are an endangered species.

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  1. 2011/02/16 03:28

    There is quite a conversation on this going on at Libertarian Republican. I welcome them into the Republican party. We share philosophies, but of course foreign police is a big problem. But hey, they’ve been voting Republican for years. What other choice do they have. It’s good though to see some thought put into it, in light of the wars and terrorism we are immersed in, with this result.

    • 2011/02/16 04:12

      Thanks Maggie – Reminds me of the late William F’Buckley’s dissing of the Randians and Objectivists. Rejecting their influence and resolve for limited government cost the Conservative movement much needed internal debate and competition, IMHO. Gave RINOs undue cover by legitimizing the “national greatness” nonsense. ‘Tis how we ended up with the Bush league and President McCain.

      In any case, Eric Dondero is doing yeoman’s work to re-link the libertarian movement to the Republican Party. Bless him from Above and much success!

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