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Calumnies Against Cain


Etherfriend Bob Belvedere notes some of the more pathetic attitudes the Left has towards a fine libertarian-conservative declared candidate… Herman CainThe Liberty Belle mocks Alternet for being “hating bastards.”

There is even unintended humor… Bossip’s twisting like a pretzel under Cain’s pressure: GOP’s Great Black Hype?  Too funny.

As for me… Go Cain Go!  Herman has the fire in the belly: He wants the job, he has the executive skills and he knows his goals.  He has the business experience needed on the economy and the honor needed for a CINC.  He is fearlessly outspoken and merciless in his defense of the Right.  Herman understands Liberty and he understands America’s potential.  If there is a finer candidate since Goldwater or Reagan in this generation they have yet to emerge.

I don’t understand Cain’s tolerance of the Federal Reserve, *but*, I do know that he see’s the limits to the purpose and utility of the Fed.  It is a double-edged sword, like so may others.

Go! Cain! Go!

UPDATE: From Good King Shamus: Oh and he drives left-wingers into angry tirades that reveal their thinly-veiled racism? Sign me up, homie.



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