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BREAKING! Startling Discovery of ‘Life’ After Death


…and you though “zombies” were fiction?

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  1. 2011/02/22 11:28

    Very funny. Spat my coffee on that one. Thank’s ALOT! Good thing it missed my keyboard.

  2. 2011/02/22 12:09

    Hollywood sure has changed.

  3. 2011/03/06 15:55

    I did this one a couple of months ago on my blog…still gets funnier every single time I see it.


  4. 2011/03/06 18:25

    Hey Mike,
    They had Bob Hope and John Wayne! Robert Mitchum! We have, what, Matt Damon and Chuckles Sheen? Yeahhhh, well, I suppose the benefits are the larfs…

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