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Retro Rule Five: Luis Ricardo Falero: Papillon, 1893


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Luis Ricardo Falero: Papillon, 1893

. . .

Falero’s love of the butterfly as an erotic theme continued from his Femme Papillon of 1888.  This particular image is part of the Russell-Cotes collection.  There don’t appear to be any high-resolution images available on-line.  More, it is difficult to balance the color without reference to the original work. This one post-card, small as it is, casts a beautiful spell.

Speaking of casting spells:  Bob reminds us of Sylvie Garant; and Maggie highlights the bewitching Evanka Trump.  (Oh, to be young again and rich. Very rich.)

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  1. 2011/02/23 05:28

    Ran, just linked this. Your Rule 5’s always remind me of the book Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norelle by Susanna Clarke. Are you familiar with the book? Probably not. It was her first novel and it is incredibly written. It’s about faeries, and there are both strange and beautiful imageries.

  2. 2011/02/23 11:29

    Ah, a woman with hips! I approve.

    And uh, yes, the painting is very nice, too.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/02/25 23:15

    Ran, Steven: I’m thinking of starting an advocacy group The He-Man Society For The Preservation Of Female Hip Width. What say you?

    Ran: Would I be correct if I named her Achrav?

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