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Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Florida Home Invader- With a Pink Handgun


When a burly ex-convict forced his way into a posh Florida home last week, he had no idea what awaited him — a 25-year-old beauty queen with a pink .38-caliber handgun.” PINK?

. . .

. . .

What would have been wrong with basic black?

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  1. 2011/03/23 02:01

    Makes sense to me. For one thing, we never want our handgun to match our shoes, and we are less likely to wear pink shoes (although not impossible). The second thing, and really Ran, I’m surprised you didn’t think about this: a pink purse inside a handbag is much easier than black, to find and grab quickly.

    Did you ask your wife?

    Great story:-)

  2. 2011/03/23 10:09

    Basic black is SO ’90s. Even I know that.

    Besides, nobody goes to Valhalla if they’re killed with a pink handgun.

  3. 2011/03/23 10:14

    Not to open myself up to charges of blaming the victim, but it’s not a good idea to ask the pizza delivery guy to make change for a $100 bill. Not only that, but when responding to a knock on the door at 3 AM, it’s best to have your weapon in hand. I once faced a similar situation. Whoever awaited me on the other side of the door departed upon hearing me chamber a round in my 12 gauge.

    Some basic spidey sense is called for here.

  4. SOYLENT GREEN permalink
    2011/04/06 02:38

    That guy’s johnson must hang to the floor…or his tongue does.
    There’s no other explanation for them being together.

    • 2011/04/06 03:01


      Truth be told, the guy’s wallet hangs to the floor. (Same thing, really.)

      So… welcome aboard. It’s a family show here. Mostly.

      (Hey – any blog liked by Dan in Van – an old buddy of mine – is OK with me. Cheers!)


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