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Trump, Birthers and Failure of Duty


The Public, each and every Citizen, has the right and duty to vet it’s public servants.  Place of birth is hardly the most important (let alone the only) criterion for suitability for the most important public office in the land.  Donald Trump and his detractors do the public a severe disservice by focussing solely on the issue of the former president elect’s place of birth.  In perspective, the birth certificate issue is a distraction and the very least important of many more substantive and consequential and unmet needs for information.

Granted, the Constitution is specific to the requirement of birthplace.  However, the Declaration of Independence – the Constitution’s preamble – notes “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  From this the governed recognizes it’s natural right and duty to thoroughly vet all candidates for high office.  Vetting requires review of far more critical information than the location of a hospital.

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Full Disclosure. (2011, Chris Muir)

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A full set of demands must be made of all candidates:  Where did our candidates go to school?  What did they study, and what did they write at school?  What is their business and investment experience? What is there travel record?  Who are their friends and influences?  Who are their supporters, and to whom have the candidates given aid?  Any of these data help us far better than a document that has no direct bearing on the content of adult character.

Moreover, suppose the birfer issue is settled by a White House attorney bringing long-form copies to the Secretary of State and SCOTUS.  The White House will claim “Done!”  All attempts to dig past the red herring to the more important data will be dismissed as rabid.  We may well miss an opportunity to fulfill our duty.

Of every candidate, including the former president elect and announced 2012 Democratic candidate,  we must demand to see:

* School transcripts – all of them.
* School applications – all of them.
* Who paid for the education?
* Articles, interviews and writings.
*All passports and a full adult travel record.
*Employment and entrepreneurship resume.
*Investment record.
*Candidacy support and charitable giving record.
Lastly, and definitely least, a long-form birth certificate too, if it’s available.

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