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OK, So Which is the Real Fake?


Trump’s hair, or Obama’s Illustrator skills?

It’s a pdf scan of a Long-Form Birth Certificate.

So… how come the scan comes in as a FREAKIN’ MULTI-LAYERED DOCUMENT?  Open the thing in Illustrator for yourself.  Hilarious.

It’s almost as if the scammers who faked-out Mapes ‘n Rather are back at it with yet another obvious pile o’ nonsense.  Wuz it *really* so tough to hit the “flatten artwork” function?  Why allow it too look like a sloppy, obvious forgery?  Simply to jerk chains?

Are we dealing with a hospital artifact that is pre-formatted and layered per the hospital’s database requirements?  Perhaps; but that is a lot of expensive software wizardry.

The answer of course is…

Go! Herman! Go!

. . .

UPDATE: I believe now that the LFBC is in fact the real deal, but one deliberately manipulated to give the impression of having been faked.  The mere fact of the arrogance of the four year delay of it’s publication is enough to presuppose malice of sorts.  Like his middle-finger “nose scratch” this is about anger and getting even; Hauteur at having to stoop to pedestrian necessities.  Why not poke the plebes in the eye, just once more?  My, aren’t we having fun?

Fun indeed: The Fed can’t buy it’s own debt, our friends hate us or resent us, our enemies hate us even more, inflation in real terms is stating to hurt and the only business running three shift is the US Mint.  Oh, ducky.


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