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Has Bin All FUBAR


Has Bin All FUBAR:


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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/05/02 03:48

    Curious timing I think….

    • 2011/05/02 04:14

      You know, the Media can’t win on this.

      They’ve played the PC game with Eric Holder so hard over KSM and Nidal that the killing of OBL – a brutal summary execution – can hardly be played-up as a “victory.” By their own standards, Osama is by necessity a victim. Hey, if we could kill him, he should have instead captured and brought him to justice (in a sharia “court” in Lower manhattan, if Holder had his way.)

      The media are SO done. Barry too. Stick a fork in ’em both.

  2. 2011/05/02 05:44

    My thoughts, zactly. I also thought it was funny that spontaneous celebrations broke out at the White House. Was the accomplishment being celebrated, or the political benefits that are expected to come with it?

    • 2011/05/02 14:17

      Victory, if one benefit is the idea that “now that we have Bin Laden, let’s pull the troops.”

      Moments like this I recall Daniel Pearl, Fabrizio Quattrocchi – and that morning in New York in September.

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