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Osama’s Death Mug Shot FAKED.


Osama may be dead, but the “photo” is a shopped fake.  Consent of the Governed has a LOT more.

. . .

The putative "photo"

. . .

Image: IBTimes/Reuters, January 22, 2011

. . .

Image reversed

. . .

Cropped for proportion

. . .

Composite images

. . .

Color & texture adjusted... Voila. Mapes/Rather Deluxe.

. . .

Mapes ‘n Rather could not have done it better: Completely fake, but dead-on accurate!?

Tip o’ the Hat to Consent of the Governed and to Libertarian Advocate for the heads-up.

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  1. Jane permalink
    2011/05/03 14:14

    Many of us in the medical field here in Saudi Arabia don’t believe that Osama has been killed by the Americans, for one, he was sufffering from end stage renal disease and would not have looked anything like this picture. he was ‘buried’ at sea ‘muslim’ style? I don’t
    know any muslim style burial at sea, is this a new trend? Why if he’d been caught did they dispose of the body? Obama is losing ground and needs a lift from this propoganda !

    • 2011/05/03 14:43

      Thanks Jane.
      Interesting points, all. Sad to say, not many people believe anything on its face – anything at all – coming out of this White House. That and, only slightly more people find data coming from the left media to have even marginal credibility.

      Even the Guantanamo and ‘enhanced interrogation’ intel spin sounds fishy: Who needs the names of ‘couriers’ when all one has to do is to radio-tag dialysis replacement materiel? There aren’t a lot of those machines in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

      I have no reason to believe that this report of a targeted killing redounds to the WH’s benefit. The Military, certainly.

      Be safe Jane. Cheers.

    • Squid permalink
      2011/05/07 01:26

      There’s no proof (Or even evidence) that Bin Laden was on dialysis.

      They disposed of the body by sea because Saudi Arabia wouldn’t take it and no one wanted people making pilgrimages to his burial site.

      He’s dead. Known Al Qaeda members are posting on messageboards confirming his death, and if he were still alive he’d be the first person to let us know, probably by sending Al Jazeera a video.


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