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So the Conservatives Win Big in Canada…


Thoughts on Canada’s graceful turn to the Right can be found at Libertarian Republican and at Bob’s Camp of the Saints.

Swiped from Cliff's Post at LR. Heh!

‘Tis good news indeed!  The tide had long been running out.  Michael Ledeen once lamented Freedom Betrayed, and rightly so.   Today the tide of Liberty is returning: America’s Tea Revolution of ’10 was the expression of an ideological alignment of libertarians and conservatives against a common threat: Democrats and the era of Big Government.  Likewise, Canada’s election of the Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be a solid endorsement of the Conservative Government’s policies and a stinging rebuke to Canada’s various competing socialist parties.

It is odd indeed to reflect that the present Leaders of the Free World are Stephen Harper and Bibi Netanyahu.  We wish them both well, with Blessings:  Patience, sirs, we too will return.

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/05/07 21:22

    ‘Graceful turn’ is a perfect phrase for what happened. You’re quite right that the Tories are like our RINOS, but take comfort in the fact that the ones in Western Canada are rather more like ours.

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