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Go! Herman! Go!


Stacy has reacted to the reaction by the RINO-Squish Coalition on yesterday’s Republican “show of hands” party.  No, Das Frumkluster doesn’t “get it” – no-one over there will ever understand libertarian-conservatism or the Tea phenomenon.  They are liberal-progressives.  We learn that Das Frumkluster seems to favor T-Paw.  Great.  Strike Tiny Tim from the short-list.

The good news is that Herman Cain’s message was found appealing by Luntz’ audience. It’s one thing to have one’s head straight, it’s quite another to convince others of your point of view. Cain’s business leadership and experience was his advantage. I think Herman could beat the Demo and do it like Reagan. Yeah – I think he and Ronnie share DNA**.

. . .

. . .

[**UPDATE: DNA = Democrat ‘Nihilation Assets. Heh.]

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/05/06 23:06

    Hey Ran, Wes sees things differently:

  2. 2011/05/08 01:47

    Thanks L., but Wes misses the point. For Wes to claim that Cain is not true Tea Party says rather a lot more about Wes’ grasp of the situation than it does of Cain.

    Off the top, the Tea phenomenon is a coalition of many disparate libertarian, conservative and even liberal political groups with a few things (mostly) in common. For Cain to not be a true Tea candidate there would have to be a true Tea philosophy. Wes needs to do his homework.

    Cain isn’t perfect: His cozy relationship with The Fed, for starters. On t’other hand, his strengths are considerable. Unlike Romney, our enemies would think twice about provocation: a decisive alpha executive isn’t someone to unnecessarily annoy.

  3. 2011/05/10 01:39

    “Cain isn’t perfect: His cozy relationship with The Fed, for starters.”

    That’s my pet peeve with Cain. But I was impressed with his performance last Thursday night in SC. I only live an hour from Greenville, but couldn’t swing the C-note to see it. Besides, I’d rather donate directly to my candidate instead of through the state or national GOP.



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