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Ditch Mitch: Just Say No to RINOs.


Condi as Daniels’ veep? This is pathetic. Is Daniels really that cynical?

Notes blogbuddy Eric Dondero:

Governor Daniels served as OMB Director in the Bush administration, while Condi Rice served first as NSA advisor then Secretary of State.

Right. How did those turn out for us? I recall those years as time that badly SUCKED, not to put too fine a point on it. (OK, yes – we did somehow manage to ensconce Samuel Alito and John Roberts.)

Ditch Mitch.

I’ll take Cain ‘n Bachmann. Palin ‘n Santorum. True rock-rib conservative libertarians with intellectual confidence. People who will lead the mission to undo decades of statist cancer – not merely boast of more efficient ways to manage the bloat of State.

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