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The Left Fears a Cain Run. They Fear Bachmann. They Fear Palin.


Stacy has observations.  We’ve learned enough to know that when clowns like Mark Halperin* at Time chart GOP candidates, they tell us little of the candidates but rather a whole lot more about whom they prefer and whom they fear. The Left’s clowns are always desperate to (once again) pick our nominee.  Recall the estimable Colin Powell demanding that the GOP select a “moderate” such as McCain last go-round. Powell got his wish and went on to do “the right thing”, of course… publicly endorsing Obama.

Fool us once, all that. Thanks, but No, thanks to Romney, Christie, Huntsman, TPaw or Daniels. Good gentlemen all, I’d have you as neighbors any day, but you’re squishies all of you… Please stay the Hell out of federal government.

The good news is that libertarian-conservatives Bachmann, Palin, Cain, and Santorum are heavily disfavored or ignored by Time. With Halperin’s and Time’s illustrious track record that is cause for genuine hope.

On the other hand, it means that we Tea folks had better stay active in this campaign and work to ramp it up. Money bombs, time volunteering, talking to neighbors – and getting out the vote.

*(Yes. A 2012 GOP candidate chart that omits Cain and Santorum? With such obviously flawed and biased content we’re supposed to take Time Magazine and Halperin seriously?)

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