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Richard Wagner’s Das Rincecycle at the Met: Sir Bob of Belvedere Reports


Teutonic vindbagzsturmunddrangen slathered onto Norse myth.  Bob’s photos are spectacular, amazing.  The sheer power of the stage comes through even in small images.

. . .

Richard Wagner (source: Wikipedia)

. . .
Not one’s typical walkure in the park.

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/05/18 00:10

    I figured you’d write more than you did; what’s a matter, gotts dammer your rung?

    • 2011/05/18 01:35

      Wotan hold back, would I? Decades ago I was a big fan of ‘classical’ music. Then I heard the Pistols, the Cure, Zep and Bowie – and Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears… Rush, Dave Wilcox. Simple Minds.

      Heh – that last epic was twilight of the Romantic Era, actually. (Arguably Mahler killed it off – Damn, but his work that I’ve been exposed to is tedious, self-important and soul-crushingly dull.)

      I should hit the library tomorrow and borrow Rhinegold – sure they have it. There are some marvelous passages throughout Das Rincecycle I should hear in context.

      Cheers Bob!

      Hey – thanks for the reminder.

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