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“It’s Not Going to Happen.”


Bibi hands Obama his lunch.

. . .

Lunch today will be kosher, Mr. President.

. . .

In my lifetime I have never seen such a direct rebuke of an administration’s foreign policy, especially in a tete-a-tete confrontation.  Negotiations with terrorists?  Pre ’67 borders? Palestinian Right of Return within Israeli borders? “It’s not going to happen.”

There is a lesson here somewhere about power and negotiations.  It is difficult to determine the calculus in making such a speech yesterday by President Obama.  Whatever he was trying to achieve, it is now lost, gone.  Perhaps his tactics were the correct ones for his objectives – yet to win it, Obama would have to have been personally more powerful and forceful an intellect. It certainly hasn’t proven to be the case. Prime Minister Netanyahu took the opportunity to unambiguously correct the record, publicly correct the President’s assumptions and set the borders as it were for future discussions. Breathtaking.

It is Obama who now has no legitimate room for manoeuvre.  This is a huge embarrassment to American prestige. President Obama is once again the side-chair observer in a windbreaker, fresh off the golf links as major world events happen about him.

Shabbat shalom,

UPDATE: Stacy has more.

UPDATE: Trevor Louden too.

UPPERDATE: Sir Bob weighs in.

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2011/05/20 22:50

    It would be refreshing to see Netanyahu simply say that Israel’s border’s are none of wee lord brakabama’s damn business, and we’re going to moving borders why the hell is Israel the only country being asked to move? What about the existing “palestinian” state named Jordan?

  2. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/05/20 23:07

    Barry got served…and deserved it.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. 2011/05/21 21:08

    A thing of beauty.

    The only thing spoiling it is the fact that we are represented to the world by the punk who got slapped down. That takes the fun out of it.

    Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to see the Bibi is in good form. I fear he will have to be very much so from now on.

  4. 2011/05/22 02:07

    Chuck – Jordan, Syria and UAR – the lot of them.

    Bob – you bet.

    Steven – No fun indeed. I pray America finds a new leader of Bibi’s mold. Something squishie isn’t going to cut it, not when the fate of Liberty itself hangs in the balance.

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