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A Court-martial for Defending the Constitution?


UPDATE: Bob piles-on. G-d bless, B!

Army Specialist Michael New’s case is highlighted by Steven Givler.

On October 10, 1995, the 1/15 Battalion of the 3rd infantry Division of the U.S. Army came to attention at 0900 in Schweinfurt, Germany. All but one of the 550 soldiers were wearing a sky-blue baseball-style cap with a United Nations insignia on the front. One was wearing the olive-drab flat cap that is authorized to be worn with the Battle Dress Uniform. With this simple act of disobeying a direct order, Spc. 4 Michael New set the stage for a legal battle that has profound implications for the future of American soldiers into service of the United Nations without the constitutional permission of Congress.

President Clinton had rather a difficult eight years “following” the Constitution. Spc. 4 Michael New’s situation is unfortunately not entirely unique.

Suggestion: Please take a few minutes to telephone and email your Congressman and Senators to provide a little cover fire for Michael New. The good man risked all for us and he has sacrificed a huge portion of his life. Even a minute on the phone with a follow-up email will help. Please!




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