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First They Came For The Jews…


Israel Against the Wolves.

It’s not just Israel at stake – the Little Satan.  It’s the entire free West on the menu.  Every one of America’s threatened alies have to be worried today.  What now of Taiwan?  South Korea; Colombia?

This administration’s weakness is toxically provocative.  All of our allies are now in a less secure place.  This is no glitch: It is a feature.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/05/25 14:49

    I’m still torn on Obama. At times I think he’s a truly malevolent genius and at other times I think he’s perhaps the stupidest Ivy graduate to have ever lived.

    • 2011/05/25 17:45

      I believe something close to the latter.

      He’s a blithering mediocrity who is spoiled, inadequately educated and he lacks simple human curiosity. He’s humorless and his skin type is “very thin.” He’s a gaffe machine when his tele-prompter or radio ear-prompter are off. Has this guy ever in his life had an original thought?

      BOzo does have a few malevolent geniuses around him – Sunstein primarily, Geithner and the bearded schmuck over at the Fed.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2011/05/25 18:41

    He’s simply a mindless product of the race,class,gender brainwashing that goes on in secondary education. As such, he sees Israel as the “white man” of the middle east and thus only capable of being wrong (oppressive, exploiter, etc).

    The little asshole has never had an original thought in his entire worthless excuse for a life.

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