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Herbert James Draper: The Gates of Dawn, 1900


American Power blog (unfairly) grabs Rule 5 attention with SI’s Kate Upton BodyPaint Video.  What to do?

Raise ’em one fully-painted Aurora.

Draper was a painter of powerful and sensuous imaginative works who enjoyed considerable success around 1900. However, his work has been little studied, because his fluent academic draftsmanship, the result of a training received in Paris, rapidly became unfashionable in the 20th century.

Draper’s works evoke much of the erotic intensity of contemporaries Falero and Boldini.  Unfashionable?

. . .

Herbert James Draper, The Gates of Dawn, 1900, Detail

. . .

Herbert James Draper, The Gates of Dawn ca 1900; The Drapers' Company Collection, London

. . .

This masterpiece is presently on display at Drawing Room of The Drapers’ Hall:

. . .

Drapers' Hall, Drawing Room (upper left)

. . .

Aurora - figure study of Florence Bird for the Gates of Dawn

. . .

Unfashionable!? Never. Perhaps she had to wait a century, but she captures our attention today.

UPDATE: Does Aurora not remind one of Doutzen Kroes?

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/05/30 04:37

    Indeed, she does!

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