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WeinerGate: Targeting the Messenger – UPDATES


Rep. Anthony Weiner’s alleged self-pornotwit to a girlfriend: Self-exposure and/or media cover-up?
The left attacks Andrew Breitbart instead.  Again.

. . .

. . .

Big Journalism’s John Nolte, hardly circumscript:
WeinerGate: MSM Ignores Trifecta of Sex, Politics, and a Rising Political Star

Dan Rhiel cuts to the point:
Rep. Weiner Spokesperson Lies To ‘New York Post’

Ace pokes fun:
but he confuses anteaters with helmets.  (Ace: Blue helmet, dude.)

Quothe Weiner:
I wuz hacked!

No, Tony… Get this straight, pal:
“Circumcised” is not the same as “hacked.” (Just trust me on this.)

Prof. William Jacobson ain’t touchin’ this one.

Pam Geller: Weiner recently married Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

Stacy McCain notes reluctant but growing media reaction. (Note to self: Take care with the phrasing.)  Much more from The Other McCain.

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