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Weinergate Update: Alleged Victim of a Crime, Retains Counsel, Refuses to Resign.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Punking the prankster: Cacheing-in on the real perp. (Doing the work some Americans just won’t do!)

Drew M. at AOSHQ asks a few questions:

On second thought, perhaps I’m being too hard on Congressman Weiner. I mean every PSA I’ve ever seen about crimes always urges people that if you are the victim of a crime or see one committed you should immediately call the cops retain counsel to help you consider your options.

I bet the idiot who illegally accessed Palin’s emails wishes he’d picked on Weiner instead. She called the cops but apparently Weiner is more forgiving of being violated.

Why, of course…   It was just a “prank” after all.  No call to resign, no honor to defend, nothing to see here folks.

Tip o’ the (cough) FEDORA to Stacy.


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