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Tuesday Updates


Just spent the weekend in the company of a self-described “conservative.”  Like many “conservatives” today, he hasn’t a clue what the descriptor means, thus his actions, views and preferences fall lock-step into pre-Obama moderated statist-liberalism.

The interesting datum is the apparent need to run from the ‘liberal’ brand.  Another day…

. . .

Freedom Line Blog: DoJ Hiring Scandal Gets Legs.

Last week [Quin Hillyer] blogged twice here about what should be a major scandal involving hiring at the Department of Justice.  Now it’s starting to get attention, of the right sort (meaning not the fawning, Holder-is-God type of stuff the New York Times does), from bigger publications.

. . .
The Right Scoop: Andrew Breitbart owns the Media at Weiner’s press conference.

Andrew Breitbart walked into Anthony Weiner’s press conference (before he arrived), took the stage, and proceeded to own the MSM that stood there asking him questions. It was masterful the way he handled the press.

. . .

Bob Belvedere: Weinergate round-up. Gotch’er Weiner right here, folks…

. . .

Prof. William Jacobson: Breitbart Derangement Syndrome.  Cannon backfiring.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2011/06/07 14:44

    Wow! Some of those journies questioning AB sound positively enraged that he went after Weiner. True sickofants (spelling error intended).

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