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Silly Season: Ed Rollins Flubs Bachmann Campaign, Newt’s Team Defects to Perry in TX.


UPDATE: More from the Liberty Belle

A – Ed Rollins: I Absolutely Forbid Any Palin Supporters From Consideration of Supporting My Client, Michele Bachmann
B – Campaign Staff Deserts Newt
C – Governor Perry is preparing a run.

Newt needs a team and Bachmann is saddled with Rollins, a man far better suited to a RINO’s campaign. Methinks Bachmann would be better served by someone who understands how to make decent Tea such as Eric Dondero.

There isn’t anyone presently running that hit’s my A rating as a libertarian-conservative. Cain gets a B+, alone in that rank. He’d have to explain how he’d manage a coup at the Fed, for starters. It’s an unaccountable loose cannon and it’s rolling along our decks. Herman would either have to tie it down or toss it overboard.

For the others, I’m not excited. Mitt is off the ‘pass list’ entirely – a solid PLAN ‘D’ alongside Newt. Of the declared TPaw, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Gary Johnson have potential. I’d love to see a Bolton-Palin ticket of some sort, if either jump into the ring.

This is the GOP: We’d best work for a solid constitutional conservative and expect a feeble RINO. Congress is the key: Like the Newt Revolution of ’94, a solid Congress can lead the Administration.

Strategy? A Republican – ANY Republican – and storm the Congress.

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  1. 2011/06/10 16:13

    Thanks for the link, Ran. I’ll do likewise in mine. If Bachmann is “saddled” with Rollins, she must dump him without mercy. If she isn’t strong enough to do that tiny job, she’s not strong enough to do battle from the Oval.

    I had not seen the Rollins quote you offer above. It is unacceptable. I expect Bachmann to take action quickly, and if she doesn’t, I will be more than a little disappointed.

    I really like Santorum, but he probably will not catch fire. Just listening to him for a few minutes should quicken the hearts of conservatives, but it seldom works that way. It’s a real shame and more than a little depressing.

  2. 2011/06/10 16:54

    Thanks Maggie – It means a lot to me that Laura Ingraham respects Santorum. Even if he doesn’t take the nomination, there’s a lot he can do to push the debate towards real issues. Cain likewise.

    Don’t let your heart be troubled: Unlike at any time since the original tea party America is awakening to Liberty. My daughters – and a fair lot of their schoolfriends – represent a way to the future that didn’t exist in my day. Gives me great hope.

  3. 2011/06/11 00:16

    Newt doesn’t have a prayer of getting the nomination. Rollins sounds like a buffoon. Santorum is at the top of my list. I really like Bachmann also.

    • 2011/06/12 02:25

      With you, TR. Thanks. I’ve heard that Laura Ingraham has genuine respect for Santorum. That means a lot to me. Cheers.

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