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CoNor-Fisking in Riehltime.


Dan hands F!riedersdorf his lunch: “Forget space, someone should begin searching for intelligent life at The Atlantic.”  It’s a great read – please enjoy.

An illustration of why CoNor has but one N: Quoth F!riedersdorf,

Judging weakness with the base as the bigger concern, McCain brought Palin onto the ticket, the conservative movement rallied around her, talk radio focused on attacking Barack Obama, the McCain campaign increasingly employed Palin as part attack grizzly, part culture warrior [and] the strategy backfired with swing voters.

If indeed McCain judged weakness with the base as a major concern, then for the first time in quite a while he was dead-on. (It should have told him he was dead-in-the-water.) Never mind, it was Palin who lost the election for McCain!? Why, if only he had selected a real “moderate” Republicans would be in charge today!?  Ignore the fundamental weakness of the Republican with his base *and* likely voters in general.  Put aside the lamestream’s cover-up of the Won’s background, his confreres and supporters, his voting record, his interviews and public statements…

By CoNor’s standard, having the RINO squish GHW Bush as Veep was the key to Reagan’s 49-state sweep. Further, having arch-conservative Cheney on the ticket cost GW Bush both elections.

CoNor’s problem is his poor understanding of the causes of Electile Dysfunction.  “Swing voters” are not in the least an ideologically homogeneous voting bloc.  Their “importance” is not what it seems.

Romney?  There is much I admire of the candidate but too much that is critically flawed.  The mere fact that Mitt is portrayed by the lamestream as the Republican front-runner ought to be enough to remind us to focus due attentention on Congressional races.

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