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Mercury in Coal: Bad. Mercury in the Kitchen: Good!


Right. So let me get this straight…

We’re shutting down coal-fired plants because of trace levels of Hg

BUT, we must purchase and install expensive curly-fry lightbulbs directly into our homes – lightbulbs that contain substantive, dangerous f!!!ing quantities of Hg. “To help the environment and stave-off anthropogenic global warming!”

It is time, folks, to demand the de-funding and retirement of the entire EPA. The whole thing is a freaking out-house whose geniuses work in the basement.  Pardon my loss of cool here, but the EPA (aka The Department of Environmental Justice) is no longer just a lame, expensive boondoggle. I want my hard-earned tax money returned.

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  1. Will permalink
    2011/06/17 03:08

    The EPA is going to regulate us into a revolution, eventually. Recently I painted my house. Now, I have been in real estate most of my adult life, but phased out over the past six years, so I really haven’t had a lot of hands on labor from my end. What I discovered was is this: The EPA has regulated paint to the point where I used to use one coat, and this project has taken four coats, and more in some areas of the house. Talk about frustration! I learned about this from an effete regressive neighbor, who was thrilled over the regulations. He left ASAP when he saw the squint in my eyes. I’ll tell ya, Ran, the Enviruses and their bureaucrat pals are taking this country down, one regulation at a time … can’t have a decent light bulb, can’t have a toilet that flushes properly. What did the Beatles sing about? “Ya say ya want a revolution?”

  2. 2011/06/17 10:12

    Hey Will! Welcome aboard.

    I hear you. They’re getting their revolution, sure, but it ain’t what they thunk. (Heh)

    DeTocqueville warned us about this situation nearly two centuries ago: the emergence of a dispersed bureaucratic tyranny, replete with petty fiefdoms, meddlesome regulations, heavy tax burdens and criminalization of independent action. This is exactly what the Jews suffered in Egypt.

    I’m in an optimistic frame today. Our revolution occurred in talk radio and the blogs. Our exodus comes via the ballot box; The majority of us haven’t fallen prey to the prisoners’ syndrome: We can’t be bought, not so easily, not today. There’s a H-ll of a lot of work to be done to elect constitutional conservatives & libertarians at all levels.

    By what do we mean the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the Revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The Revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected, from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen years before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington. The records of thirteen legislatures, the pamphleteers, newspapers in all the colonies, ought to be consulted during that period to ascertain the steps by which the public opinion was enlightened and informed concerning the authority of Parliament over the colonies.” – John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 1815

  3. 2011/06/19 16:34

    Ran, so sorry I missed this link. My son is visiting from L.A., leave tonight. We’ve had such a wonderful visit but I’m way behind on my blogging friends and news.

    Want to say Happy, Happy Father’s Day to you. Hope your weather is good and you are being treated to your favorite dinner.

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