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Operation Fast and Furious: The DOJ and The Scandal That Will Impeach the Won.


Ace: Gunwalker Much Worse Than Iran-Contra?

DOJ and ATF inappropriately and recklessly relied on a 20-year-old ATF Order to allow guns to walk.” The agencies misrepresented the intention of the order to justify their actions.

This was about creating – deliberately creating – the narrative that “legal” sales of “assault weapons” by US citizens to Mexican drug cartels were used in the cartels’ war against each other, against Mexican citizens and the US. The problem was that reality simply didn’t conform to the template. Solution? Adjust reality… even if it violates US law and gets US agents and civilians murdered.

Sunday I hope to have a full blog-roll on this.

UPDATE: (Via the Independent) Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US.

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  1. 2011/06/19 04:13

    Thanks for the link. I linked back and touted your report tomorrow in one I just put up. If Issa doesn’t hold Holder and the ATF in contempt of Congress, I give up.

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