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BATFE’s Ken Melson To Resign? To Be Replaced By Traver?


Heads-up from Liberty Belle: BATF Ken Melson Resigns? Andrew Traver BATF Nomination to Resurrect?

The real concern is, who knew about Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Justice? And when did they know it? We design a program to walk thousands of powerful firearms into Mexico, and no one in the DOJ knows about it? I’m not buying it.

Great links in the report at Maggie’s Notebook.

Quinn’s First Law: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.  The point of the BATFE’s original “Operation Fast and Furious” program was to “trace” the flow of weapons used by Mexico’s narco gangs – to protect Americans, of course.

If Melson steps down, of course Obama would likely renominate Traver – or certainly someone of that mold.  NRA has more.

Melson’s resignation isn’t going to appease anyone.  The inquiries will continue to follow where they lead. CBS’ Sharyl Attkinson picked it up. Jim Quinn has been all over Gun Runner from the beginning.  Rush and Mark Levin have recently joined Quinn’s lead.  Fox News is on the trail, too. AOSHQ is on it.  Even the Puppy Slurper has put down his baby-dachshund smoothie for a minute. (Er, once InstaPundit is on it, it’s “on.”)

. . .

One of the problems of never having to demonstrate competence to achieve success is that one remains entirely undisciplined in skill-set and moral disposition, both.  The entitled mindset is prone to arrogance, impatience and terribly unwise decisions.  This is Obama’s dilemma, a problem – indeed, an addiction – he faces along with millions of others.

The gross abuse of the old program by the new administration was a huge strategic gamble that has backfired – badly.  The idea was to create the story that legitimate US-side gun stores were illegally supplying thousands of semi-auto weapons and ammunition to Mexican cartels – a necessary condition that would provide cover for far-reaching new anti-gun laws and regulations while simultaneously harming the reputation of the legal gun trade in the US.  Like children pounding too-much powder down the muzzle, the program exploded when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Southern Arizona.  Others, too, have fallen victim since.

To be continued…

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