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Barry & Rahmbo, Sitting In a Tree – Er, Who Exactly Is Kal Penn, anyway?


Wherein we spread sheer, ugly rumors from HillBuzz:

…[This] time it was a US reporter who wanted information on Man’s Country in Andersonville, which is a place both Obama and Rahm Emanuel frequented in the past. Obama until 2002 or so, and Emanuel through 2008, according to what we’ve been told.

Keep reading… it gets even better.

OK. If true, I feel vindicated on both counts. (Oh, by the way, M.B... that would keep my batting average at 100%. Not just mine, sweetie.)  This explains a great deal, yes?

One of life’s strangest phenomena is the situation where someone who lies, cheats or believes they are “in the closet” are the last to realize that for DECADES everyone around them have known full well that there is dishonesty, betrayal or that the hinges are wide-off the door.  I don’t mean this in the comic sense, rather more the tragic. It’s not the perp who suffers the most loss, embarrassment or shame, it’s everyone around them who trusted.

Never mind Kalpen Suresh Modi aka Kal Penn.  The more important question is whether Obama is having an affair with Rick Perry?

Tilt o’ the old kippah to Bob Belvedere. (In a post-Weiner age, can’t say “tip” of anything. cough.)

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2011/06/23 23:23

    Thanks for the link, you dirty old man.

    This story keeps getting curiouser and curiouser, eh?

    • 2011/06/23 23:56

      Yeahhh… Our First Gay Prez. Sure x-plains why Moochelle has that permanent angry expression.

      It Explains why Rahm swiftly dumped Madam Clinton to support Oh Bummer.

      It explains the Ed Sec.

      I wonder if it explains Holder, too?

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