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Ace: Uh-Oh: Designated Fall Guy For Fast & Furious, Acting ATF Head Melson, Maybe Doesn’t Feel Like Being The Fall Guy?


AOSHQ – of course.

Good on Melson, if the story checks.

“Issa has sent a letter to Deputy ATF Director William J. Hoover, insisting on assurances there would be no reprisals against the ATF agents who have chosen to testify about a program Issa called “felony stupid:””

The New Media are all over this story – meaning it matters not whether CNN or NYT ever picks it up.

GunBlunder: A Ruse By Any Other Name
GunBlunder: PajamasMedia on Operation GunWalker – Operation GunRunner
BATFE’s Ken Melson To Resign? To Be Replaced By Traver?
Operation Fast and Furious: The DOJ and The Scandal That Will Impeach the Won.

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  1. 2011/06/24 05:51

    This would be entertainment of the highest order, were it not for the fact that these idiots got people killed with their stupidity.

  2. 2011/06/24 12:24

    I challenge the media’s “gross incompetence” model.

    Nothing stupid about this: Anti-2A groups and the media had been planting the notion that “90%” of the guns used in Mexican drug gang violence were sold by US civilian dealers in straw purchases. Hence, “We need tough new laws!!” The thing was, not every BATFE and FBI agent is anti-gun. Details leaked that showed that those very guns were coming from Mexico’s Southern border – via China, Colombia, Venezuela etc.

    Solution? Deliberately jack thousands of guns across the border – over the objections of dealers, local BATFE and FBI agents – and make the fable come true. This was standard leftist MO – create a problem and then pose as the solution.

    Melson is ready to testify. This isn’t his baby. If he is unwilling to be the fall-guy, who is he protecting? I smell impeachment.

  3. 2011/06/24 22:53

    I don’t know about impeachment (although I’m ready to have my faith in my countrymen restored) but I agree with the rest of what you’re saying. I think you’re exactly right; this was an attempt to manufacture an exploitable crisis. I expect that even the death of Americans was acceptable, as it would have leant impact to that crisis.

    Getting caught is the only thing in this equation that wasn’t part of the plan.

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