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Obama’s Gaffes? Wherein I Respectfully Disagree With Michael Ledeen


What’s up with all the presidentiual gaffes, anyway?

That would explain today’s embarrassment (embarrassment to us, to the nation–he speaks for us, after all–since he doesn’t seem to suffer embarrassment very often), but it doesn’t explain things like the apology for his lack of fluency in “Austrian” or his lack of knowledge that we have  a Marine Corps (pronounced “core”).  That comes from lousy education, from lack of basic knowledge about the world.  And if I’m right about the small number of administration officials who get to see his words before they’re delivered in public, it tells us that they, too, aren’t properly educated.


Applied Alinsky, perhaps.  These are not “errors” in any normal sense. – Here, quick off the top of my head, no web search:

* The bird to Hillary Clinton – twice – during the debates.
* Joy-riding AF-1 down the Hudson at low altitude.
* iPod to the Queen, DVDs to the Prime Minister and gift returns to the UK Ambassador.
* The “pitchforks” threat to US bankers.
* Golf on Memorial Day.
* Chewing gum – loudly – all during the Joplin memorial.

Thus his Giunta/Monti “error”… the Navy Corpse-man “error”… Only an error in judgement. Obama’s arrogance and hostility toward the US military may have overcome his personal discipline. These and the near infinity of similar “gaffes” are not mere lapses or protocol flubs. As David Brooks glowingly noted, we haven’t seen such a concentration of IQ and academic talent surrounding an administration in living memory.

Evidence suggests this administration’s actions and decisions are purposeful. It fits the adolescent profile and it fits the Alinsky training. These behaviors are better understood as calculated provocations. One does not “accidentally” chew gum during a solemn memorial or flip an opponent the bird.

Biden… there is a gaffe machine.  “An amiable dunce,” with apologies to Clark Clifford.  Not so Obama.  Sure, “57 States plus Hawaii and Alaska.”  Yeah, the guy has his off-prompter moments.  It could well be that Michael is right – the small number of officials who review and edit may be the products of a substandard educational apparatus, or just dopers.  Something tells me however that the bullying puke who threatened Americans with SEIU pitchforks knows exactly what he’s saying.

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  1. 2011/06/26 23:57

    Ran, as I mentioned at my place, I didn’t know about the gum chewing in Joplin. I certainly agree that this is all calculated provocation and arrogant disdain – handling the American people just as he was taught we deserve.

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