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Chickens, Roosting, all that: Gunwalker guns now showing up at US crimes. UPDATED


Phineas at Sister Toldja notes: Felony Stupid: Gunwalker guns now showing up at US crimes.

Having just posted a video about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it’s fitting that this post should be an example of chickens coming home to roost. It seems that some of the guns the BATF allowed to “walk” into Mexico in Operation Fast and Furious are coming back to be used here:

Simply charming.

So… When will Mexico announce the planned withdrawal of its invasion forces from Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee,

UPDATE:  Via Maggie…

John M. Snyder is known as the the Dean of Washington Gun-Rights Advocates, or the “Gun Dean.” He says Barack Obama is to blame for Operation Fast and Furious and Project GunRunner. He believes the illegally sanctioned programs were intended not to identify Mexican cartels, but to be used a sword to cut down and weaken U.S. gun laws. He is not alone in his thinking.

Operation Fast and FUBAR

Maggie also notes that the whistleblowers are GETTING FIRED.

Cartoon courtesy of Mike Keefe,

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  1. 2011/07/03 21:09

    Thanks Ran. I don’t think this will be over anytime soon, but I doubt House Oversight’s power to bring about any real justice.


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