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Passing Wind at Turbine High-Speed… Britain and the Fourth of July


Eric Idle: “Are you embarrassed easily? I am. But it’s nothing to worry about; it’s all part of growing up and being British.”

Yes, well, Britain’s Left is in trouble.  A quick look today at the home-page of UK’s Telegraph reveals concepts out-of-place in a statist democracy:

Too much bank regulation;
Real danger of gold-plated pensions finally hits home;
Is Britain the next Japan?;
[London’s Lord Mayor] Boris: Why I no longer support high-speed rail;
And this, inside: Proof that the Government is tilting at windmills.

Did the Telly so forwardly question the need for expanded banking regulations even a mere five years ago?  Granted, we’re looking at one medium on one day – but questions and doubts about pensions? UK debt? British high-bleed rail? AGW and windmills?  Britain has awoken to the shenanigans of its statists on cocaine – those incorrigible powdered Whigs.  Baroness Thatcher, brava!

Even their popular culture is shifting: Have you caught the new SHERLOCK?  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman play Holmes and Watson as detectives in the present day. The writing is distinctly libertarian-leaning and squarely pro-gun.  (Moriarty: “Is that a British Army L9A1* gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”)

In the blogs and news websites there is also a subtle under-current of resentment towards America regarding the AGW hoax.  BBC and others are very clear to point-out with almost gleeful joy the American-ness of the hoax’ origins and players as much as the hoax itself. Adam Smith’s invisible hand, Samuel Adams’ animating contest of freedom is at work in the UK doing the tasks lame-stream American media refuse to perform.  Competition – it’s a beautiful thing.

True political Liberty had it’s birthplace in the UK over two centuries ago.  While we have our hands full this July Fourth scrambling to recover from the massive (and if we are careless,  fatal) error of 2010 it is encouraging to see Britain’s budding recovery from her statist deadrot.

Bri-tons never never nev-er shall be slaves.”  Amen, brothers.  Happy Fourth!

(* The unit drawn by Holmes is not the venerable L9A1 Browning; rather it appears to be a Sig 220 – a vastly superior side-arm.  But hey, I’m just pleased to see Britons overcome hoplophobia.  Can CCL’s be far off?)

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  1. 2011/07/03 18:28

    They’d outlaw kilts and scotch before allowing CCW permits. Europeans are hoplophobes by their nature, which is paternalism or what I call Farm Animals®.

  2. 2011/07/03 19:07

    [cue the nasally voice] “…and the times, they are a-changin’.

    Heh. You have a point. But is Britain fully European?

    I think the Brits still have a chance, though it is rather late in the game. Everywhere one looks one finds collectivism and thugocracy failing and falling. Power can’t compete with Liberty over the long-haul. Marx has been tried and it just doesn’t work. The Fabians have proven to be less than fab. There’s a lot of “Hmmm…” going on amongst the Farm Animals®. Hell, even Russia has Steve Forbes’ flat tax.

    I cut the Italians a bit o’ slack, too… some of our finest shooting products are Italian. Beretta’s firearms are invariably high-quality.

    What I am hoping is that when America pulls out of this statist nose-dive, Britain and parts of Europe will follow. For them, it’s either us or the Bro’s.

  3. 2011/07/03 19:19

    Yes they are. That paternalism is rooted in manorialism. It’s never really left, but morphed and evolved. America was the only experiment did not start from it, but was a clean break, at least at the time. We’ve become infected due to immigration of people that brought it with them and the advent and promulgation of Marx.

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