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Confederate Yankee: Gunrunner Program is distinct from Project Fast & Furious


From Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee:

Please Keep in mind that Gunrunner is a long-term cartel weapons interdiction program that kicked off during the previous administration. there is no indication that Gunrunner has ever been anything but above-board. Theprogram/project framework has long been used in business and government, with the program being the general vision, with individual projects/operations as steps towards realizing that vision.

It looks like this:


  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3


According to the standards used by the Project Management Institute, Projects (and Operations) are by there nature temporary; Programs are longer-term to semi-permanent.  The Gunrunner Program thus contained a number of projects and operations, of which Fast & Furious was but one.

To recap:  Gunrunner Program, as such, is basically legal; The questions surround which specific projects were illegal, who knew of them and when they knew.

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