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Sarah Palin Fun Day! AmSpec’s David Bass Reprises Gahan Wilson.


New Book Portrays a Paranoid Palin             [(gasp) O-M-G! You’re kidding!?- Ed.]
By on 7.15.11

Dear sir,

Winston Churchill once observed, “In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.” By that reckoning, Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin is a bloodbath.

The classic by Gahan Wilson

. . .

Given those caveats, some of the evidence presented in Blind Allegiance is compelling, and conservatives ignore it at their own peril. It casts further doubt on whether Palin has the poise and personality to be a prime-time presidential candidate. Her near obsession with answering critics, clearly documented by Bailey throughout the book, is one example. Protecting a political reputation is good; reckless preoccupation with every negative word penned by a pundit is not.

Devoted Palin fans will no doubt find Blind Allegiance yet another entry in the growing genre of Palin-phobia. But it’s far more than that. It’s another piece of baggage that Palin must carry with her. Whether deserved or not, her image outside a loyal cohort of conservatives is tarnished.

Tarnished.”  I’ve never in my lifetime seen anything quite on the scale of Palin Derangement Syndrome.  Even Bush Derangement Syndrome seems in retrospect lame and half-hearted compared to the media’s ongoing frenzied attempt at assassinating Governor Palin’s character.  Yes, well, “at our peril” we’ve had to sort BS from liars and traitors – and their pawns in the media – from the reality of a flawed but powerfully gifted potential candidate.

You certainly paint what you see, Mr. Bass … and you thought erudite “balance” and ironic comedy were mutually exclusive?  It’s a neat gag when you can pull it off, sorta like a drag routine.  Thanks for the try!

David N. Bass is an investigative reporter and associate editor with the John Locke Foundation. Follow him on Twitter@davidnbass.” [Or not. – Ed.]

UPDATE: Bob’s TCOTS has way more fun on tap!

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