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Gungate: “Watergate with a Body Count”


“Watergate with a Body Count.” Indeed.

It’s getting bad, and going to get worse, folks.

Bob Owens has been our go-to reporter for news and comment on Gungate.

There is evidence that attorney General Holder, under orders from the President, ordered various operations under the Gunrunner program which sent literally thousands of guns and ammunition to Mexican drug crime gangs and to Honduran MS-13 – and much more. American law enforcement agents and civilians are dead and wounded. Mexican law enforcement agents and civilians are dead and wounded.

Serious questions:

How are projects Gunwalker and Castaway not a form of state-sponsored terrorism? How is the Administration’s actions not quite literally a war against Mexico, Honduras, Americans and the Second Amendment?

One sobering realization is not that this administration is complacent on jihadism against America, but that it should learn from and employ the strategies of jihadis against America herself.

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  1. 2011/07/19 14:49

    Ran, I’m linking this. Question: Do you consider GunRunner legitimate and above-board, meaning the President could, without stain, be involved in it, but that Op. Fast and Furious is another animal?

    Also, have you seen the full transcript of Melson’s testimony? I’m reading that it was released yesterday (the 18th). I haven’t been able to locate it.

  2. 2011/07/19 15:28

    Thank you Maggie!

    A: “Yes,” given that the original interdiction program was totally above board and today’s compliant, fellatious media.

    Here’s the big but:
    Holder is by his nature a bureaucratic coward. It isn’t reasonable to assume that the President knew nothing! nuh-thingk! given Ogden’s announcement March 24th outlining the directives for new projects as coming from the Whitehouse. Given enough direct pressure over the original crimes and the “fast and furious” covers-up, he might just talk. Hard evidence, though, is probably sitting on a hard-drive or sixty in possession of Agents and Directors who are holding cards. They don’t want to go down all alone on this.

    My prediction?
    Obama will step-down to permit Biden to take the historical losses in the WH and in Congress… and Biden’t first act as President will be to blanket-pardon Obama, Holder, Emmanuel and a whole cluster-f! of cronies around this admin.


  1. Fast and Furious: Ken Melson – DOJ Hiding Internal Report: ATF Paid FBI to Ignore Fed Law | Maggie's Notebook

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