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Casey Anthony: The tragedy continues


…It all hinges on the question of what constitutes a “reasonable” doubt. Anyone can conjure up hypothetical scenarios by which someone other than Casey Anthony was responsible for Cayley’s death, but we must ask ourselves whether — given the totality of available evidence — these hypothetical scenarios are reasonable.

Once you eliminate the red-herring of the Phantom Nanny Killer, you must conclude that if Casey didn’t kill Cayley, she surely must know who did kill Cayley.  And Casey’s failure to name a plausible alternative suspect to herself brings the deductive process within a hair breadth of certainty of Casey’s guilt. Then, when you consider how she lied — and lied, and lied, and lied — to police and even to her own family, you must ask: “Who would have a motive to repeatedly lie about the disappearance of someone who was later found dead?” The answer to that question is: THE KILLER.

But as you say, people are no longer taught the rudiments of logic, and thus are incapable of reason. They have no chart nor compass by which to steer a course of thought amid confusion and the true horror of it all is that such people are permitted to vote!

[cue the snooty prep school accent] Logic? Critical reasoning? People thus gifted would (naturally) agree with the writer. I say! People lacking the rudiments vote (laughs) (…and probably the “wrong way” at that!) [/cue]

Beneath its hysteria, condescension and unintentional cheap comedy the writer (who richly deserves to remain nameless) offered at least one grain of truth: Casey Anthony’s guilt hinges, indeed, on the question of what constitutes a “reasonable” doubt. We can be assured from the tabloid style that the writer knows for a fact that Cayley’s death was not accidental. Lack of autopsy evidence notwithstanding, the writer knows that it was not severe anaphylactic shock from a bee or a spider or peanut oil; it was not drowning nor accidental suffocation; it was not a tragic scenario where Casey Anthony or another adult panicked and made some deadly, unwitting errors.  The writer knows Cayley was murdered beyond a shadow of doubt by THE KILLER™ and too, it is completely unreasonable (and untaught!) of one to believe otherwise.

Bloody well isn’t funny.  Casey’s life is in apparent danger thanks to certain critically thinking, educated (not to mention clairvoyant) citizenry of Orlando who know who THE KILLER™ is.

. . .

Maggie offers a kind and appreciative view of He Who Shall Remain Nameless’ recent blogpost on fascism and feminism.  (Yours truly thinks he’s full of crap, but that’s for another day.)

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  1. 2011/07/18 16:10

    Writer J.L. notes: “The facts are Caley is dead, Casey lied, and we don’t know how the kid died. We also don’t have a link to who did it and I mean something prima facia. It’s a shame, I wish we did know. Does Casey know? May be, probably, and only time will tell. May be she’ll write a book like OJ, if I did it. The jury did the right thing. They didn’t absolve her, they didn’t say they didn’t suspect she did it, just that there wasn’t enough evidence. If anyone should get the brickbats, it’s the prosecution. Now, if you asked me with my spidey sense, did she do it? I say if she didn’t, she’s knows exactly what happend. In either case, she’s one fucked up chick.

    Sums up my view, too. Thanks!

  2. 2011/07/20 00:43

    Yeah, hard to figure how folks can so easily say the jury had, what was it? “No rudiments of logic.” Did you meet these people? Did you observe the entire trial? I remember the same thing with Rodney King, and OJ. It’s a pet peeve of mine, the second-guessers of juries.

  3. 2011/07/20 01:58

    I would have liked to see/hear discussion about Casey doing nothing for 31 days. Bear in mind, if not for her mother, we wouldn’t know Caylee was dead or missing today. The girl did nothing. And the jury decided there was no child abuse?

    I think we should free Scott Peterson based on this verdict.

    Thanks for the link my friend.

    • 2011/07/20 02:45

      Hear you loud and clear, Maggie. The whole thing truly stinks. I’m sad for Caley. There is one Judge, however, Casey will have to eventually face. It’s in His court now.

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