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Bruce Bawer at PajamasMedia Casts a Warning: A Double Tragedy for Norway


Bawer at PJM casts a warning: “Not only has it lost almost one hundred people to a senseless rampage, but legitimate criticism of Islam has been profoundly discredited by association with a murderous lunatic.

Please read Bawer’s postMichelle Malkin has more.  Eric Dondero asks: Is Anders Behring Breivik a Populist? Maggie has additional thoughts.

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I can’t say I agree with Bawer.  Criticism of islam damaged?  Exactly backwards.

Breivik is not the first lunatic to oppose unchecked islamic immigration and he shall not be the last.  Lest the Norwegians forget, mullah Krekar had threatened violence.  Breivik’s use of terrorist-style car bomb/Fort Hood scenarios rather verifies criticism of fundamentalist mohammedan ideology and slaughter tactics.  It is not ‘lunatic’ to oppose what we’ve seen in Spain, Israel, America, Britain, France, Iraq. . .

There is another rational irony – a terribly sick irony in Breivik’s selection of victims. Breivik, feeling under attack lashed out at whom? It is significant that he chose fellow Norwegians.  After all, they are complacent; they refuse to defend themselves or even to resist.  Their most innocent and vulnerable women fall like prey to immigrant rapists.  Breivik knew there would be no men such as Todd Beamer on the island to organize a counter-thrust.  Sheep to slaughter, all.

Whether Breivik intended it or not, he made the point that Norway’s cultural pacifism is a suicide pact. He clearly understood that to have destroyed local mosques and shot-up an immigrant school would have been to create victims of those whom he opposes.  His choice of victims was purposeful, almost vicariously suicidal.

As others have pointed out, Breivik’s attack is exceptional and unhinged.  It recalls (politically-challenged) Laughner’s Arizona ‘loner’ rampage and the slaughter at Waco Texas by the U.S. (Left-dominated) government. Murder is slaughter is evil, the motivating ideology (or lack of it) notwithstanding.

Yours truly wonders if the Norwegians will summon the courage to publicly hang the bastard.  Something in the zeitgeist warns that Norway is going to do everything backwards.

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  1. David R. Graham permalink
    2011/07/26 02:18

    Good, glad you’re covering this, thanks. At Riehl I left two comments under your two on this topic:

    BLUF: like both WTC attacks, this one in Norway is state-sponsored and the focus should be on that, not relatively low-level functionaries like AQ, Haqqani, and the myriad of AQ-wannabes. Which state? Not the operators, mere proxies. Their state employer(s). Nothing this size is possible without sovereign-level resources. AQ is a proxy, a tool merely, for several states and it’s not at all clear it’s involved in this attack. This could also be Russia or China. One certainty: Norwegian authorities are covering and creating to avoid facing the big picture: they were hit by an aggressive nation-state.

    • 2011/07/26 15:24

      Thanks Rev!

      I don’t (yet) subscribe to the state sponsor theory. Note: The components for bombs are cheap, even by the metric tonne. With patience and elbow-grease, any boy-scout turned evil genius could make one humongous IED all by his lonesome. It isn’t rocket surgery.

      Hell, I was making small-scale BOOM! devices as a tweener. Never blew-up frogs or killed anything, but as a budding pyro in the late 60’s there was gobs of info to be had at the public library. Calvin and Hobbes. I even moved on to becoming a useful, honest citizen and a trustworthy dad and scoutmaster. Whodathunkit?

      The evidence doesn’t eliminate the loner theory – unless we learn that Breivik used something in the nature of say,1000 kilos of weapons-grade C4, available only from state-military sources, at great (probably sovereign-level) expense.

      Did Breivik act alone? Dunno, but for now, I believe he did.

  2. David R. Graham permalink
    2011/07/26 02:33

    Not sure who is pictured, but the trappings look to me like something Masonic. I am not a Mason. I respect and admire Masons, at least generally in USA, though my observation tells me they are a flaccid presence now. In USA and Europe Masons are different breeds. In Europe Masons can be criminals, big time ones. USA not so much, though “there’re bad apples in every barrel.” In Europe it seems more systemic. In USA it appears incidental. Recall Masonic involvement in the Vatican Bank scandal that John Paul I aimed to clean up, probably at the cost of his life (Godfather III was not entirely, if at all, off on this: JPI was murdered by insiders). Point being, Masons in Europe have criminal associations that Masons in USA generally do not. Then again, perhaps those trappings are not Masonic. I don’t know. Awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to the USA’s Liar-in-Chief was a criminal act of international imperialism (those Norsemen/Vikings have been at that for millennia, the best part being their genetics definitely spread sturdiness into the gene pool!).

  3. 2011/07/26 16:31

    Thanks much for the link. Did you see that in his ‘manifesto’ he plainly said he did not believe in G-d, or Jesus Christ. He was not religious, but said he considered himself a “cultural Christian.”

    While this may be a ‘Timothy McVeigh-type’ bombing, the first car bomb that we ignored was the 1993 World Trade Tower jihad. McVeigh copied it two years later.

  4. 2011/07/26 21:46


    Thanks Maggie.

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